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Zhongkun Poetry Development Foundation was donated and established by Beijing Zhongkun Investment Group Co., Ltd.in February,2006. And aims to promote the creation,research and exchange of the contemporary poetry , give impetus to the development of Chinese poetry.

The Foundation has 30 million yuan of which has donated 10 million yuan respectively to Modern Poetry Institute of Perking University and Chinese Poetry Society.And the other 10 million has been delegated to Pamirs International Poetry Exchange Center belongs to Zhongkun Group(the original Pamir Literature studio) to management and use .

Zhongkun Group has set up the fund Supervision & Management Committee to oversee the management and use of the fund.

For the use of the fund, the recipient and the entrusted management institution have different emphases. In particular:for Modern Poetry Institute of Perking University, the funds are mainly used on research and publication of academic;for Chinese Poetry Society,the funds are mainly used in domestic exchange; for Pamirs International Poetry Exchange Center, the funds are mainly used in foreign exchange (including the related publication) and Chairing and warding Rewards for "Zhongkun International Poetry Prize"

Poetry of Peking University, so the main academic research and publishing, Poetry Society of China to organize the main internal communication, the Pamirs International Poetry Exchange Center to Foreign exchange (including the related publication), and at the "International Poetry Award in Kun" awards as dominant. Independent agencies established by the project, but if necessary can also consult the joint operation.

The service life of the Fund is for 10 years.