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Zhongkun International Youth Development Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization approved by American government. It is incorporated by American Zhongkun Group owned by Chairman Huang Nubo of Beijing Zhongkun Investment Group in California. The registered capital is 1 million and the office is located in Los Angeles. All capital of the Foundation is provided by Beijing Zhongkun Investmetn Group.

America Zhongkun International Youth Exchange Fund aims to help and encourage the American children from low-income families to know about China and the Chinese children from low-income families to know about America, promote the mutual understanding and the friendship between American and Chinese, especially the youth, and at the same time, provide an opportunity for poor students to broaden vision and increase knowledge and provide a superior spiritual platform for their health growing.

The first exchange visit:

¡¤Zhongkun International Youth Fund gets started and first 20 students from earthquake-hit area visit America

After the 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquakes in 2008, Beijing Zhongkun Investment Group started its Zhongkun International Youth Fund in advance. 20 poor students with excellent character and learning from Dujiangyan Middle School, including Liang Qiang and those who were named as ¡°Excellent Youth in Earthquake Relief Work¡± by Central Spirit and Civilization Office, Ministry of Education, The Central Committee of the Communist Young League and the All-China Women¡¯s Federation in June 2008, and ¡°Excellent League Member in Earthquake Relief Work¡± by Dujiangyan Government in Dec. 2008 are selected to visit America. It can help the youth in earthquake-hit areas restore psychological health and realize their dreams. All the expenses are provided by America Zhongkun International Youth Foundation.

In Mar. 9th 2009, those students arrived at Los Angles and began their 10-day of visit and exchange. Besides Disneyland, Hollywood Universal Studio, Getty Gallery in California, Grand Canyon National Monument, Las Vegas, Sea World San Diego and many other famous tourist attractions, they also visited Duarte government, met the mayor of Reyes, communicated with Duarte High School students in and visited UCLA campus and East Asian Library. It needs mentioning that, when overseas Chinese leader Mr. Hong knew the activity, he invited those students to his home and dined with them, together with the people with loving hearts in Chinese community.

The activity is with a view to help those students to feel a new environment and get out of inner shadow. We hope the practical actions can drive more people to pay attention to the growing of the youth in disaster areas. On the other hand, in the context of economic crisis, the activity shows our faith in charity.

The second exchange visit:

¡¤The United States students ¡°Chinese Culture Summer Camp¡± a complete success

In May 2010, American ¡°summer camp tour group¡± held a holiday activity, which was funded by Zhongkun International Youth Foundation, organized and planned by American Zhongkun company and lasted for a month, of Chinese Christian Culture and exploring Chinese culture in China. With this summer camp, American students know the profoundness of Chinese culture; through the communication with Chinese youth, a new chapter¡¯s been written to the exchange visits between students of both countries.

The tour group consisted of 16 American senior middle school students and 2 teachers. The tour started in Beijing and ended at Shanghai Expo by way of Chengdu, Hangzhou, Huangshan, Nanjing, Suzhou, etc. and went sightseeing on dozens of scenic spots.

In Beijing, the students visit traditional Chinese places of interest such as the Juyong Pass of the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the Lama Temple, etc. as well as buildings of modern style including the National Stadium, the Water Cube, etc. In addition, the American students were arranged to take a 2-hour seminar with the students from Peking University on the subject of Christianity, and attended church activities at the same night in Haidian Church of Beijing Christian Church including choir chorus, worshipping.

In Chengdu, the American students visited the breeding base for pandas which are the national treasure and ¡°Jinsha Museum¡± learning 3000 years of great and profound splendid culture of Ancient Shu and enjoying plenty of fine cultural relics. What¡¯s more, the students visited the site of ¡°5•12¡± earthquake in Yingxiu Town, overlooked the full view of ruined country town of Beichuan from the ¡°Wang Xiang Tower¡± in Beichuan, and saw the deep suffering to Beichuan from the earthquake and debris flow. In the worship service and Christian fellowship in local Christian church, all the students prayed for people in the disaster area.

In Hangzhou, the students had a boat tour in Xihu Lake, visited cultural landscape including centuries-old Xiling Engravers Society, and had a fellowship communication with local YWCA and the Youth League of Hangzhou Chong Yi Church, as well as visited Christian Tian Shui Church which was built by John Leighton Stuart and his wife and rebuilt by Hangzhou Christian Church, and exchanged ideas with Joseph Gu who is the president of Hangzhou Christian Council.

In Huangshan Mountain, the students enjoyed charming beauty of the sunrise and sunset of Huangshan, visited Hong Village which is world cultural heritage managed by Zhongkun Group and Nanping Building Museum of Chinese Ancient Ancestral Temple as well as learnt the history and characteristics of Hui-style architecture. Sightseeing the film location of an Oscar Award film of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, the students were very fascinated by Chinese martial arts; visiting the exhibition of Shexian Chinese Four Treasures of Study, they were full of curiosity about and interested in Chinese culture.

In Nanjing, the students visited Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum and had a visit and exchange activity in Jinling Seminary.

In Suzhou, the students sent sightseeing on prestigious Suzhou Gardens including the Humble Administrator¡®s Garden etc. and realized gradually the architectural feature of Jiangnan gardens which is relatively different from Hui-style architecture.

In Shanghai, the students had tours in typical characteristic normal scenic spots such as the Oriental Pearl, the Bund, etc. and enjoyed a sightseeing tour together in 2010 Shanghai Expo.

Through the holiday activity, the American students experienced and learnt great and profound Chinese historic culture, set up a good communication channel with Christian organizations in China. The holiday activity also furthered the mutual trust and visits between the two countries.

The third mutual visit:

¡¤Carrying out and promoting Zhongkun International Youth Foundation, American middle students from low-income families to visit China

This June 28th, the 9-day-long summer camp of ¡°Seeking Trip of Chinese Culture¡± held by Zhongkun International Youth Foundation was started. 10 students and 2 teachers from Duarte High School of Duarte school district in South California, the U.S. entered the dragonland, which is full of legend, with a great longing for Chinese culture. All related expenses occurred were borne by American Zhongkun International Youth Foundation. Zhongkun Group was responsible for the entire journey reception.

All the students for the summer camper were non-Chinese students with superior achievements in study and from low-income families. To make them know Chinese culture better, there were multiple touring routes for the camp. Not only communications with students from the Affiliated High School of Peking University which is a key senior high school in the capital was organized, but also an interactive fellowship with middle school students in suburban areas of Beijing was arranged. From Beijing to Huangshan and then to Shanghai, the students fully felt the developing China; through visiting the touring routes, the students experienced different cultural characteristics of each place and the harmonious coexistence between man and nature. Highly humanized warm reception left a deep and sweet impression on the American students.

Out of the U.S. and into China. Through the activity, students from Duarte High School of Duarte school district in South California, the U.S. got a new experience about outside world. The activity is the third mutual visit organized by Zhongkun International Youth Foundation between Chinese and American youth following the visit by the students of Dujiangyan Middle School in the earthquake stricken area in Sichuan, China to the U.S. and the visit by the American students to the earthquake stricken areas in China. Zhongkun International Youth Foundation has long been dedicated to the cultural communication and sharing of cultural resources between Chinese and the U.S. youth. With the support of the foundation, the limit of economic conditions are no longer the barrier for the children to know the wide world.