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Puer Plate

With the highly strategic corporation with the municipal government of Pu¡¯er, Zhongkun Group is dedicated to deeply explorer the special human and nature resources of Pu¡¯er and build cultural, international and professional China Pu¡¯er Zhongkun leisure, health preservation and holiday system. In accordance with the international advanced planning concepts, on the basis of planning guidelines of by level, by system and grouping to build a holiday grouping system with differentiation, functional complementation and distinct characteristics.

The China Pu¡¯er Zhongkun leisure holiday system consists of: China Pu¡¯er leisure and health preservation zone, boutique hotel system, special ancient village holiday system, scenic zone system, RV campsite system, camping and trails system, rehabilitation, health maintenance and provision for the aged system, show system, exhibition system of folk non-heritage, protection system of wild fauna and flora, personnel training system, bars and art galleries, as well as cultural creative system.

¡ª¡ªChina Pu¡¯er leisure and health preservation zone

¡°China Pu¡¯er leisure and health preservation zone¡± is located at the boarder of Menglian Country and Lancang Country of Pu¡¯er City and the area is about 60km2, next to Lancang Airport which is to be built. It is mainly characterized by hills landform and sub-plateau mountain in terrain. It consists of more than 10 natural ancient villages. The leisure zone is designed to build reasonably tribal groups in harmony with environment and nature, including: high-end business holiday exhibition center with ethnic characteristics, locations of high-end summits and forums, show center of large cultural performance, large health maintenance, Zen meditation and rehabilitation center, large sub-plateau mountain park, large exhibition area of non-material cultural heritage, large cultural base of Pu¡¯er tea, large exhibition area of protection of original ecological villages, the world¡¯s largest ecological outdoor sports park and world-class 5A scenic spot.

¡ª¡ªBoutique hotel system

¡°Boutique hotel system¡± consists of four boutique hotel projects located in Wuliang Mountain, Ailao Mountain, Baima Mountain and Qianjiazhai respectively in Pu¡¯er. With the advantages of being National Nature Reserve, the scenery of cliffs and ancient village culture, the boutique hotel system will explore deeply natural and humanistic resources. Based on high-end international architectural design concepts, get health preservation and leisure, art culture and natural resources integrated, build an international boutique holiday hotel system with holiday hotel, health house, SPA, art gallery and outdoors sport integrated.

¡ª¡ª Special ancient village holiday system

¡°Special ancient village holiday system¡± is a kind of protective development to 137 ancient village houses in 5 countries which are Zhenyuan, Jingdong, Mojiang, Jiangcheng and Lancang in Pu¡¯er City. Through the protection of their architectural features with ethnic culture and historic culture, repairs and improvements to the architectural appearance, the special ancient village holiday system is trying to be the nation¡¯s largest boutique ancient village holiday hotel group. Visitors may highly enjoy high-end boutique hotel service while enjoying natural scenery and humanistic scenery.

¡ª¡ªScenic zone system

Pu¡¯er scenic zone system is to explore deeply characteristics of natural, humanistic and historic site sceneries in all countries and towns in Pu¡¯er City. The scenic zone system will mainly be based on protecting and developing natural scenery resources, combined with minority culture and tea-horse road culture and build integratedly tourism resources with advantages of special natural and humanistic sceneries in all 7 countries (Jinggu, Zhenyuan, Menglian, Jiangcheng, Jingdong, Mojiang and Lancang) in Pu¡¯er City.

¡ª¡ªRV campsite system

The location of ¡°RV campsite system¡± was selected in the 7 countries and 1 district of Pu¡¯er City. With integrating advantages of natural sceneries and humanistic resources, grouping 14 good characteristic campsites, inviting international professional RV campsite designers, world-class professional concepts, blending tour and sightseeing and humanistic concern, gathering ethnic content, natural scenery, standardized services in one, to build the nation¡¯s first high-level and professional RC campsite system.

¡°China Pu¡¯er Zhongkun leisure, health preservation and holiday system¡± is to manage to create a camping and trails system integrating profession and characteristics, the world¡¯s first recovery, health preservation and () system based on animal and plant gene-based study, show system with abundant minority characteristics, non-replicable exhibition system of folk non-heritage, specific protection system of wild fauna and flora, bars and art galleries with high artistic value and cultural creative system, as well as professional personnel training system.