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Introduction of Zhongkun Art Gallery and Museum Series

Zhongkun Group is committed to creating the "second living space" for many years, namely the spiritual and cultural space, and dedicated to providing customers with more unique cultural enjoyment besides the tourism activities. The Zhongkun Group, based on the world cultural heritage, the national famous historical and cultural towns and villages, A-level scenic area, mountain resources, international, pasture, natural grassland, wine chateau, outdoor sports base and other holiday resources under its operation and management, is building art galleries, museums, sculpture plaza etc. and holds the art exhibition, artistic creation, Art Salon, fashion art publishing and other activities.

During National Day of 2011, the Zhongkun Group held the Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Art called ¡°Across • Dialogue¡± in the a number of old quadrangle dwellings with a history of over 1800 years at the old street of Anhui Kongcheng, the works include traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, printmaking, sculpture and other art categories. The works have abundant contents and unique technique, from classical to abstract, from realism to Impressionism, which let the audience in the contrast between the works and environment and dialogue to pass through the history and cultural space and experience the meaning of art and life. This innovative exhibition manner has also won a favorable reception from art circles.

Beijing as a national cultural center, because of the location of the embassy district and foreign enterprise, has formed 798, Songzhuang, Sanlitun and some arts gathering places in Dongcheng District and Chaoyang District. Haidian District as a collection place of the institutes of higher education, scientific research institutions and intellectuals is also accelerating the construction of this kind of art and living space. As a key project of in Haidian District, Zhongkun Plaza in Great Bell Temple with area of 430,000 square meters pioneers the fourth generation of business model in the industry, which highlights the leisure culture and entertainment function and devoted our own efforts to strive for supplementing the artistic blank of Haidian District.

In December of 2012, in the pedestrian street of the Big Bell Temple Square and the spaces of more than 3000 square meters at 4th layer and 5th layer of E building, Zhongkun held the First Session of Zhongkun Art Corridor Exhibition, of Big Bell Temple and collected more than 300 pieces of works of 50 artists. It further improved the art atmosphere of the square and attracted the attention of many art organizations which expressed the cooperative intention.

According to the plan, Zhongkun Group will construct the art gallery and museum series in its own world cultural heritage Hongcun, Beijing Big Bell Temple Zhongkun Square, Beijing Yanqing Wine Manor, Equestrian Club, many scenic spots and the high-end properties in the future, and create the open-ended public art space in its own shopping malls and other large properties in the forms of art plaza and art gallery. The main functions include: the exhibition, marketing and collection of works of art; the research, development and saleof art derivatives and tourist souvenir; the planning and implementation of the art collecting activities; undertaking of the fashion goods presentation conference; academic research of culture and art; appreciation and personal operation experience of related theme culture etc..

The future Zhongkun art gallery and museum in the content will also break the tradition and not confine to the exhibition of works of art, instead, will implement the contemporariness consistently and provide platforms for the micro film, small-scale stage play, book publishing, poetry communication and other diversified art forms.

The Zhongkun Group is also committed to the research and development of tourism souvenirs. Currently, the tourism market has existed commonly the situation of the rough work on the tourist souvenirs and the homogenized competition. In this regard, Mr. Huang Nubo the Chairman of Zhongkun Group has publicly expressed regret for many times and strongly advocates patching the leak of the industry chain and learning from foreign experience to involve more artists in the tourist souvenir and thereby benefit. For example, the Hongcun, known as "the rural in Chinese pictures", cooperated with dozens of art colleges including the Central Academy of Fine Arts for painting from life, Zhongkun scenic spot in Beijing Mentougou District preserving the Ming and Qing Dynasties ancient dwellings. We will develop a series of painting, sculpture and various types of handiworks and artworks themed ancient architecture, "three birds" and the landscape of lakes and mountains. We expect to implement the marketing and promotion through more than 40 attractions and hotels under Zhongkun Group to build the industrial chain of tourism souvenirs.

The art institutions of Zhongkun Group have been fully supported by domestic and overseas artists, such as Xiao Changzheng, Jiang Jie, Shi Jianguo the Chief Editor of the China Fine Arts Publishing Group; Zhang Guangjun the Dean of Art College of Hebei United University, Meng Dewu the sculptor won the international and domestic gold award, the Chao brothers etc.. Many foreign artists have also carried out in-depth cooperation with the Zhongkun Group, such as the Zhou brothers from the United States, a British artist Richard Lawrence, Italy artist Fabrizio Dieoi, French artist Yves Banchelin, Italy artist James Cart etc..

The Zhongkun Group is forming abundant resources distribution: the domestic Hui-style culture represented by Anhui Hongcun and Tongcheng; the Pamir Plateau culture and Helan mountain culture represented by South Xinjiang and Ningxia; the West Beijing Ancient Road culture, Equestrian Culture and Wine Culture represented by Beijing Mentougou and Yanqing; the variety of ethnic culture of Yunnan Pu¡¯er......relying on the above colorful cultures and adhering to the purpose of "letting us do some more for the society", the Zhongkun Group will vigorously develop the depth and breadth of the art gallery and museum series business and contribute own force for the protection and inheritance of gorgeous and magnificent culture of the Chinese nation.