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Zhongkun Tourism & Resort

Zhongkun tourism resources expand throughout the home and abroad, and have initially formed a global network layout. At home, the resources mainly distribute in Beijing, Anhui, Xinjiang, Hunan, Tibet, Ningxia, Yunnan and other regions; while at abroad, it mainly distribute in the USA, Nordic and other countries and regions.

Zhongkun Travel possesses the worlds cultural heritage, national historic village towns, A-grade scenic spots, mountain resources, international pastures, original ecological grasslands, wineries, outdoor sports bases, organic farms and other rare, world-class and highly public recognized tourism resources, and is to deeply integrate high-grade culture, leisure, tourism and vacation resources, and to develop highly cultured compound tourism products with international leading concept, so as to realize integrated operation and management of a tourist and resort industrial chain covering scenic spots, resort hotels, cultural performances, travel agencies, innovative special holiday products, tourism transport, tourism commercial souvenirs, talent trainings, industry financial, etc. The Zhongkun Travel, obeying to membership system marketing mode of Hongshanzha Vacation Club, supplies customized and differentiated holiday products and services for high-end customers, and satisfies the consumer demand for the spirit and culture leisure of the 21st century customer with the highest-quality products and services.

The club of Zhongkun Tourism & Resort will adopt membership model, which faces middle class and consumers above it from Europe and America, Asia and Greater China, provides leisure-vacation products featuring Chinese ancient villages and American pastoral pastures, and adopts personalized, homely and group of consultation service to make annual tourism plans for members.

Zhongkun Tourism & Resort will provide a second life community, second living space and unique cultural feast for consumers.