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Huang Mountain Section

Located in the foot of Moutain Huangshan, Huangshan Jingyi Tourism Development co., Ltd is subordinate to Beijing Zhongkun Group, which is a comprehensive tourism enterprise with business scope covering eating, accommodation, walking, travelling, shopping and entertainment. The company boasts exclusive right in development, operation and management of three ancient villages: Hongcun, which belongs to world cultural heritage; Nanping, which is Chinese historical & cultural village, Chinese national-level key relic¡¯s preservation unit and Chinese film & television village; Guanlu, which is full of mysterious one-piece ancient dwellings. Meanwhile, Zhongkun Group solely manages Midtown Villa which is a three-star hotel and invests 1.4 billion RMB to build top-grade travel & leisure reception facilities covering Huangshan Qishu Lake Wonderland-Zhongkun International Hotel built in accordance with five-star standard, international conference center, high-range leisure & holiday chamber, outdoor exercise base, large outdoor cultural live-action performance, Zilu Temple built in Tang Dynasty and so on. Thereinto, Zilu Temple opened on June 26th, 2010 and Huangshan Qishu Lake Wonderland-Zhongkun International Hotel started to operate in June 18th, 2011. Hongcun Village-Ms. Chrysanthemum, a large outdoor cultural live-action performance officially played on July 31st, 2012. The company has been evaluated as Outstanding Private Enterprise in Huangshan City successively for many years.

The enterprise tenet is actively exerting advantages of group company and subsidiary enterprises, excavating unique country charm of Yixian County by relaying on particular humanity glamour of Hui culture, distinctly publicizing charming image of Yixian County via deep integration between natural and cultural resources of Yixian County, and developing high-grade comprehensive supporting service products for tourism in all directions and diversification through coming development trends of domestic and international travel & leisure and holiday market. At the same time, the company hammers at protection and research of ancient Hui culute, finally creating a high-grade resort combing travel, relaxation, vacationing, health care, conference service, Buddhism learning, country experience and sports & leisure for domestic and foreign friends.

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Hongcun, a mysterious village remaining in the history of ancient Huizhou, is located in the southwest foot of Huangshan Mountain, 11 kilometers from Yixian Country and 30 kilometers from Huangshan Mountain Scenic Spot. It is a peculiar ancient village with ox-like shape and hydrographic net in ancient Yixian Country which was regarded as the peach garden. The whole village occupies over 30 hectares.

Hongcun Village is crowned as ¡°village in Chinese painting¡±. During Shaoxing Period of Southern Song Dynasty, Hongcun people firstly depended on bionics with great originality, building an artificial hydrographic-net village group with good reputation of ¡°A Unique in China¡±. The village well demonstrate land flooded with waters with ox-like shape, taking Leigang Mountain as ¡°ox head¡±, two ancient tresses in the village entrance as ¡°ox horn¡±, lunar palus excavated close to spring as ¡°ox stomach¡±, south lake as ¡°ox tripe¡±, crooked dam as ¡°ox intestines¡±, dwellings as ¡°ox body¡± and four ancient bridges as ¡°ox feet¡±, which is called as ¡°taking mountain as ox head, tree as horn, bridges as four feet and house as body¡±. Its shape is remarkably true to life. Moreover, with elaborate construction of prominent personage of various dynasties in the village, the whole village just looks like a leisurely buffalo quietly lying in green hills and blue waters.

At present, there are over 140 well-kept dwellings of Ming and Qing dynasties in Hongcun Village. Among of them, with exquisite ¡°three-carving¡± technology, splendid ChengzhiTang House is named as ¡°folk palace¡±. The other famous scenic spots includes: South Lake in A Spring Morning, Academy Chant, Lotus of Lunar Palus in Breeze, Intestine-like gutterway, Green Double-stream, Ancient Tree in front of Pavillion, Sunset Scenery in Leigang Mountain, etc. A large number of unique and exquisite ancient dwellings built in Ming and Qing dynasties are preserved perfectly, for example, Shurentang, Taoyuanju, Jingxiutang, Deyitang, Biyuan. Hongcun boasts graceful landscape with talented people, ancient customs and simple and honest folkway.

The landscape of lakes and hills coexist harmoniously with stored buildings and courtyards. Natural Landscape and humanistic connotation add radiance and beauty to each other. Landscape perfectly reflects in lakes. Mountain, water, dwelling and human live as one like a gradually-opening landscape painting, which also is the most characteristic of Hongcu Village differing from architectural composition of other dwellings. Hongcu Village becomes a grand miracle in the present world historic and cultural heritage. Hongcun Village is the must place to know and decode the rise-and-decline history Huizhou merchants in several hundred years.

Hongcun Village was enrolled into the List of World Cultural Heritage in November, 2000 and appraised ¡°National AAAAA Scenic Region in May, 2011. In addition, Hongcun Village is the national key culture-protection unit, Chinese Historic & Cultural Village, Top 10 Charming Towns, The Most Beautiful Village and one of the first batch of national ecological culture village.


Nanping Scenic Region (Nanping Village), located in the foot of Nanping Mountain which is about 4 kilometers from southwest part of Yixian County, Huangshan City, Anhui Province, is an historic village with a thousand-year history and grand scale for Anhui merchants group.

Up to now, enigmatic Nanping Village has still completely kept eight ancient ancestral halls, near three hundred ancient architectures of Ming and Qing dynasties;¡°Kuiguangtang¡±, ¡°Xuchitang¡± and so on are equipped with huge structure and magnificent momentum; Dwellings such as ¡°Shensitang¡±, ¡°Binglingge¡±, ¡°Xiaoyanglou¡±, ¡°Baoyi Study¡± are dignified and elegant with different styles; towering old trees stand and ancient bridge lie in the¡°pinewood¡± which is located in water entrance; there are seventy-two lanes in the village, interlacing between high wall and courtyard like maze with mysterious atmosphere; thirty-six wells are either round or square and well water is clear and translucent; along the axis line which lasts over three hundred meters from this end to the other end of village, there is an architecture group consisting of eight quaint different ancestral halls, which presents a splendid sight; Linli Mountain in the south of village is an old battleground in the Three Kingdom Period and the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Period; Yao Nai, Huang Shiling, Zhou Shoujuan and other famous people successively lived here and there are lots of tales about them left here. Nanping Village is the shooting place for many well-known films such as Judou, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Evil of Revival, The Great Transformation, War of China¡¯s Fate, Fanny¡¯s Smile, The Sky of The History, Mom¡¯s Mom, Anhui Merchants, True Legend, Daughter of the Party and so on, which is well-known as ¡°China¡¯s film & television village¡±. Nanping Village belongs to China¡¯s historical & Cultural village, national AAAA-level scenic region and national key historic preservation unit.

Nanping Village is the typical representative of village architecture scene with peculiar features consisting of deep and serene lane, ancestral hall group and ancient dwelling group among ancient villages in South Anhui. With beautiful landscape, talented people, still ancient customs and simple folkway, Nanping Village is not only a must place deserving visit for knowing and decoding rise-and-decline history of Huizhou merchant in several hundred years, patriarchal system and village layout & geomancy principle of ancient Huizhou, but also a good place for approaching country, returning to nature and experiencing ancient customs.


Guanlu Scenic Region, a famous historical and cultural village in China, located in the southwest of Yixina County, Huangshan City, Anhui Province, is another village for gathering ethnic and inhabiting during the ancient times in Yixian County, which is famous for its mysterious one-pieces old dwellings.

Since Song Dynasty, Wang clansmen have been in this land for almost one thousand years. In the middle period of Qing Dynasty, Wang clansmen got rich for doing a business along the river, then returned to home and built a large number of houses, which made the whole appearance of the village change. The dwellings are exquisite in mould with varied and beautiful appearance and structures. The houses commonly known as ¡°eight grand dwellings¡± are of the most appreciate value. ¡°Eight grand dwellings¡± are the core architectures in Guanlu Village, which were built by eight brothers of the same clan. ¡°Eight grand dwellings¡± take ¡°Wuting Shanfang¡± which is former home of Wan Zhu, a famous painter in Qing Dynasty, as the leading representative. Seen from appearance, eight houses are eight units separately. However, actually, houses connect with each other like one-pieces, which materially and vividly demonstrate ancestral idea and influence.

There is an ancient spring in the border of Guanlu Village, which is clear and sweet all the year round. In hot summer, it tastes cool and refreshing; and in deep winter, it is hot. Drinking water from this spring for a long term, most villagers live a long life.

Visiting one-thousand-year old village, drinking sweet longevity spring, eating homely food and listening folk songs make tourism in Guanlu Village full of simple, unsophisticated and fresh happiness.

¡¤Midtown Villa

Midtown Villa belongs to Huangshan Jingyi Tourism Development Co., Ltd.. it is located in Yixian County, Huangshan City, Anhui Province, which is called as ¡°land of idyllic beauty¡± with beautiful landscape and attractive scenery. The villa is of typical Huizhou architectural style. Whitewashed wall and grey tile, green pines and verdant bamboos enhance each other¡¯s beauty. The scenery is attractive with antique flavor.

Midtown Villa is equipped with a large-scale parking lot with advanced IC-card door & look system and background music, commercial floor with optical BBA. Its internal part is decorated with ancient flavor. It is provided with over 120 rooms including luxury suite, standard room and single room; its conference center with advanced sound system is able to accommodate more than 300 people at the same time, in addition, it boasts three middle-scale and small scale conference rooms, which is an ideal place for reception, conference and recreation.

Midtown Villa boasts ten boxes with various styles and scales and two dining halls, able to accommodate over 400 people for dinner. The food takes Anhui cuisine as the main dish, and pays attention to modern eating idea for health maintenance on the basis of inheriting traditional cooking technology of Anhui cuisine. Midtown Villa is assigned as key reception unit and special-grade municipal-level catering shop, and selected into the first batch of A-level food shop of Huangshan City and municipal-level green catering shop by Anhui Provincial Party Committee and Auhui Provincial Government.

In the light of enterprise sprit of ¡°rigorousness, efficiency, truth seeking and innovation¡±, Midtown Villa has always adhered to supplying high-grade service for visitors from all directions with high standard and requirement. Midtown Villa also offers one package service including eating, housing, transportation, travelling, shopping, entertainment as well as reception, booking, and regional travel arrangement for conference representatives.

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¡¤Huangshan Qishu Wonderland-Zhongkun International Hotelhttp://www.qsxjhotel.com/

Huangshan Qishu Wonderland-Zhongkun International Hotel is situated at Huangshan City Hongcun Village Qishu Lake International in the northeast part of Yixian County, Huangshan City, Anhui Province, which is 60 kilometers to downtown of Huangshan City and Huangshan Airport and just 35 kilometers to World Natural and Cultural Heritage, that is, Huangshan Mountain Scenic Spot, connected with World Cultural Heritage, that is, Hongcun Village, by a stream. The hotel is built on the bank of charming Qishu Lake which is surrounded by mountains with abloom pediment. The lake is wide and clam with flying birds. The humanity scenery is extremely colorful. Hotel adjoins to Hongcun-Ms. Chrysanthemum which is a leisure & holiday chamber, and Zilu Temple which is a famous rebuilt Tang-dynasty temple. The lake, Hongcun-Ms Chrysanthemum and Zilu Temple supplement each other, forming a five-star-level high-grade travel, leisure & holiday resort with splendid scenery and well-equipped reception facilities.

The hotel started its trial operation on June 18th, 2011, which is a leisure & holiday hotel newly built in accordance with five-star standard. It hides itself in beautiful landscape of lakes and mountains, fully drawing essence of Huizhou architecture style of ¡°close to and integrate into nature¡±. With overall floorage of 28800m², it boasts 256 different lake view rooms with floor-to-ceiling window which enable to appreciate outside scenery in all visual angle, and the view balcony in guest room which is provided to take a rest, have some tea and enjoy the landscape. The hotel sets 3 large and small Chinese and Western restaurants and 3 high-grade lake view boxes, and it can accommodate 800 people for dinner at the same time. Elegant and luxurious restaurants taking advantage of green mountains and rivers boasts another attractive charm. Sophisticated Anhui cuisine, Sichuan cuisine and Tangjia cuisine create delicate and delicious food for your, forging Zhongkun food brand.

The hotel is provided with reception center, five different conference rooms, high-grade simultaneous interpretation system, hot spring, bath house, SPA, KTV and chess & card room. In addition, the hotel is equipped with standard tennis court, fishing center, outdoor exercise base and so on. It is the best choice for you to appreciate holiday, entertainment and travelling.

Visiting world heritage, appreciating the Land of Peach Blossoms, living in Qishu Lake wonderland and tasting delicious food offered by Zhongkun Group, how wonderful!

You are welcomed to Huangshan Qishu Lake Wonderland-Zhongkun International Hotel!

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¡¤Qishu Lake International Resorthttp://www.hsqsxj.com/

Huang Mountain Qishu International Resort is a resort center of international standard combining Five-star hotel, hotel-style villa, vacation and leisure, conference reception, Buddhist worship, art creation and cultural experience into one.

¡¤Hongcun Village-Ms. Chrysanthemumhttp://www.hongcunaju.com/

ancient Huizhou beautiful woman wind, flower, snow and moon-romantic affair tea-picking-in-spring kid-teaching-in-evening years as songs

Hongcun-Ms. Chrysanthemum takes the culture of ancient Huizhou as its background, representing new images and status of Huizhou woman artistically such as being virtuous, industrious, thrifty, teaching kid, ploughing and weeding as well as being loyal from first to last and home defense. This drama integrates various brand-new theatre art elements, magnificent in atmosphere and cutting-edge and shocking in perception. Modern high-tech methods including high-altitude stunt, high diving, stylish sprint, water motorboat emerge, creating strong visual effect and art impact.

Hongcun-Ms. Chrysanthemum is created and made by the internationalization group, gathering high-end performance producers and planning companies in the world. Among of them, America Fangmeiya Entertainment Planning and Production Co., Ltd. is responsible for creativity planning, international famous performance producer Angelo Bonello is chief director and Show Canada is in charge of stage and prop design. Show Canada also assumes design and fabrication of stage machinery in the opening performance of 2012 London Olympic Games; performance equipments are supplied by Beijing Xingguang Film & TV Equipment Technologies Co., LTD. which is performance equipment supplier for opening ceremony of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games; Cheng Jun, the famous costume designer of CCTV holds the post of costume designer; domestic well-known sound, fire-and-water special efficiency and prop designers as well as factories participate creation and production.

Hongcun-Ms. Chrysanthemum is a large-scale cultural live-action performance forged by Beijing Zhongkun Investment Group with 0.23 billion RMB in Yixian Country of Huangshan City, which is the first one in Anhui Province and top-ranking in China. The performance place is situated at Yixian County Qishu Lake International Holiday Resort, close to Hongcun which is the world cultural heritage. Over 180 excellent professional performers from the world take part in the performance. Moreover, well-know stunt men of Big Russia Circus and famous water motorboat performers from America are in the invitation list.

¡¤Zilu Temple

Originally located in southwest of Hongcun, Zilu Temple was founded in 843 AD from Song Dynasty Temple in Hangzhou. To carry forward Buddhist culture and to meet the faith needs of the majority of Buddhists, in August, 2003, approved by the Anhui Provincial Government Religious Affairs, the Zilu Temple was reconstructed under Elephant-trunk hill at south of Qishu Lake with Zhongkun Travel¡¯s contribution of RMB 80 million, which covers a total area of about 60 acres, with a total construction area of about 8000 square meters.

¡¤Meditation Center

Located in southwest of Qishu Lake International Tourist Resort, Yixian County, Huangshan City, and adjacent to ancient temple, namely Zilu Temple, of the Tang Dynasty, Meditation Center is an important part of the international tourist resort area, which covers an area of 90,000 square meters, with a total building size of approximately 50,000 square meters.

¡¤Lebi Garden

Essentially divided into a public garden area and a research exhibition area, Lebi Garden has become the base for Huizhou culture research and exhibition under the establishment of Hongcun History Museum, World Cultural Heritage Research Institute, Hongcun Cultural Relics Reservation Institute and other Institutes by using of residential architecture and partial landscape architecture. At the same time, the Lebi Garden is established as a high-end club special for high-end members, which covers an area of about 3200 square meters, with a total construction area of about 1232 square meters.