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South Xinjiang Section

Zhongkun South Xinjiang Section includes Karakora, Kezhou Glacier Park, Kashgar High-platform Folk Houses, Kashgar Geer Old City, Kashgar Tuman River Resort Project, Kashgar Geer Sightseeing Tower, Tianshan Mysterious Grand Canyon, Tianshan Magical Wood Garden, Fragrant Princess Tomb and other scenic spots.

¡¤Tianshan Magical Wood Gardenhttp://www.shenmuyuan.com/

Tianshan Magical Wood Garden is autonomous tourism scenic spot, state 4A-class scenic spot, Xinjiang Forest Park. It is called ¡°Pearl in Desert¡±, famous for its magnificent natural landscape, rich and colorful vegetation resources, primitive and pure ethnic history and cultures and magical vegetation growing process full of vicissitudes. Here, land scenery, water scenery and biological scenery depend each other for existence and enhance each other¡¯s beauties, ancient and rear trees, exotic flowers and herbs, wild forests, meadow, wetland, cliffs, waterfalls, Gobi desert and cultural relics comprise a ideal place for eco-tourism, travel and exploration, leisure and vacation, and hardening body and enriching knowledge, which combines natural landscape, human landscape, folk cultures, historical archaeology, ecology and exploration into one, and also an important tourism station in Silk Travel Route.

¡¤Tianshan Mysterious Grand Canyonhttp://www.zkdaxiagu.com/

It is an autonomous tourism scenic spot, China¡¯s Top 10 most beautiful grand canyons and state AAA scenic tourism spot. Mountains in the canyon are precipitous and peculiar, grand and magnificent, cliffs steep and peaks thrusting in different poses, and climate is quite agreeable in the canyon basked in sunshine, warm in winter and cool in summer, such a natural wonder of dry land is rarely seen. There is a Thousand Buddha Caves relics of Tang Period in the canyon, rich and colorful Buddhist murals in caves. The Grand Canyon breeds the cultural treasure and Thousand Buddha caves also brings profound cultural connotation. It vividly describes the spirit that complements with each other, which is really enchanting scenery with endless charm. Tian shan Mysterious Grand Canyon will create a tourist destination and competitive scenic spot combining geological tour, specialty tour, cultural travel, leisure and vacation, science inspect and exploration, outdoor sport into one, which makes it a symbolic product of geological and landform source in South Xinjiang tourism section.

¡¤Kezhou Glacier Parkhttp://www.aoyitak.com.cn/

Kezhou Glacier Park lies in the mountains of the west of Aoyitage Town, Aketao County of Pamir Mountains, with sea level of 2300--5300m, 120km to Kashgar, arriving at which drives 2 hours. It has beautiful scenery and charming sight.

The park is mainly with natural and ecological landscape, really a fascinating and magical world combining beautiful fairy legend and charming customs and habits of Kyrgyz.

Frontier scenery is rough unrestrained, southern scenery is delicate, without any artificial carving, which is romantic charm created by great nature. Pines and cypress forest dance with diverse poses, birds and animals sing and howl every day, rivers and lakes are clean shining with the glory of sunshine, glacier and snow are bizarre and motley, and waterfalls flows vigorously like bean dumping; splendid snowslide, magical and changing sunglow, the sea of crowding clouds, beautiful scenery can be seen everywhere just like a heaven on earth.

¡¤High-platform Folk Houseshttp://www.gaotaiminju.com/

High-platform Folk Houses lie on the loess plateau of more than 400m long and 30m high in the southeast of Kashgar old city. It is called kuoziqiyabeixi in Uyghur, which means earth wares on high cliffs. High cliff has over two thousand years of history and the earliest forefathers of Uyghur lived here more than one thousand years ago, and many years ago, Uyghur earthware makers found soil on cliffs suitable for earth ware making, after that, many earthware makers founded earthware workshops, from which earthwares on high cliffs were named. Through thousands-of-years development, the people who lived in high cliffs are all Uyghurs, 640 families in total and many houses are passed through six or seven generations till now. Fold houses with four or five-hundred-year history are preserved in many places and such old houses can be seen everywhere.

Folk houses were built along cliffs and soil slope, ups and downs with well proportioned. Due to population increasing and limited home site, houses began to develop towards high altitude, high-cliff folk houses are in various styles, including bungalow as well as buildings, some are earth buildings of two to four floors and some have seven floors.

The courtyard layout, indoor and outdoor construction and decoration styles of high-platform folk houses all present profound Uyghur customs and traditional cultures. More than 40 lanes in high cliff, with crisscross and in twists and turns, zigs and zags, just like a maze. There are many "street-cross buildings" and " buildings in half section" and "buildings hang in the air" which are rarely seen.

The earthware workshops on high cliff have more than 800-year history, and some of four or five hundred years ago are still preserved now. The soil, tools, blends, equipments, changing article into form, engraved designs and sun cure, overglaze decoration, being fired in kiln, hours of fambe and the final kiln for pottery making, the twenty and nearly thirty processes are handed down from generation to generation. Uyghur pottery is made delicately with typical ethnic style, both practical and ornamental as well as memorable. Many potteries with delicate making, unique style, rough and unstrained pattern design and simple colors are loved and collected by travelers from home and abroad. Many residents on high cliff engages in various Uyghur artificial making, such as flower hat, embroidery, edrice, carpet, cutter, leather working, weaving, sewing and etc, and delicious Uyghur snacks can be tasted here.

High-platform folk houses are called by travelers from home and abroad: Alive Uyghur folk custom museum, where the connotation of Kashgar the famous city of Chinese history and culture lies.


Karakora locates below Muztagh Ata--the glorious father of glacier of Pamir Mountains, it is the ¡°jade pool of Queen Mother of the West and emperor Zhou¡±, a mysterious place admired by travelers down the ages. Father of mountains and mother of waters endow sincere feelings for Kyrgyz people. The scenic spot is 220 km to Artux, 196km to Kashgar, 3600m from sea level, and with an area of 10 square kilometers, one of the most beautiful lakes in China. With light and shade changing, lake sometimes shows green, sometimes blue, and sometimes reddish orange and other colors, especially black like a pool of ink under rainy weather, Karakora--means black pool in Kyrgyz language, from which is named. The lake is surrounded by Muztagh Ata, Kongur Tagh and Kongur Nine Mountains, which towers on Pamir Mountains like over-sky jade pillar and becomes the mark and symbol of Pamir Mountains. Splendid snow scenery, magnificent mountains and peculiar plateau styles become the heaven and holy land for travel enthusiasts to climb mountains, explore, hike, have outdoor spot, recreation, vacation, photographing, Sightseeing, experience folk custom of plateau and explore western China.

Tourism reception center is set along the lake, which combines restaurant, lodging and recreation into one and gathers Kyrgyz special meals and yak meat series together. Travelers can ride horse, yak or bicycles for sightseeing around the lake; or take photos with friends or families along the lake; or walk towards jade mountain for seeking treasures; or step into Kongur Nine Mountains to enjoy thousands-of-acre ammopiptnthus mongolicus; or experience ethnic custom and explore Kyrgyz folk custom in Manas Folk Village, enjoy songs and dances and other participatory recreation activities. ¡°Western Jade pool¡±, three heroes of Kunlun, mysterious veil of Pamir and its pure beauty dump many people¡¯s heart.

¡¤Kashgar Geer Old City

Kashgar Geer Old City lies in the jurisdiction of Yawage Street of Kashgar, with an area of 2 square kilometers, 2094 of total families and 10142 of total population who are all Uyghur residents. Kashgar Geer---the only national famous city of history and culture in Xinjiang, develops with Yageer as the starting point. It is where the palace of ancient Shule lay. In 10th century, KaraKhanid built its palace and cities here and past courts ever dispatched troops to guard the place. Over 20 streets in the city are the only maze-style city streets featuring Islamic culture well preserved today in China. The famous Idgah mosque faces it across streets.

There are 12 autonomous and municipal important protected historic site, and ancient streets and lanes of two-thousand-year history, among which Jiangkurgan lane and Bulakebeixi lane are where ancient folk houses of Uyghur forefathers lived, and the historical site of the palace of Qara Khanids and ancient spring "Jiulong Spring" and the scenic spot collecting Uyghur history, culture, construction, folk and custom, humanistic and historic landscape and natural landscape, the best and most typical place of old city. Traveling here will make you experience richest Uyghur style.

Now more than 20 families for tourism visiting has been developed in the scenic spot, through which you will witness with your own eyes the traditional Uyghur residential family life, ethnic custom and ethnic handcrafts, such as hand embroidery, cap embroidery, hand-made instruments and bronze and etc. Ethnic family visiting can also make you taste rich and delicious ethnic food, such as: pilaf, mutton eaten with hands, roasted mutton, thin-skinned steamed buns, stretched noodles, naren, ququer and other local snacks. You can also have a view of the typical constructions of Islamic styles such as: ethnic characteristics of architectures, ethnic handcrafted architectures, ancient dwelling architectures, mosque architectures. And the scenery of unique town house on streets includes: "cross-street building", "building of half section", "hanged building" and etc. Uyghur religious customs and traditional culture and many other aspects are also included. The old city is the ideal place for you to explore Kashgar history changes and experience ethnic cultural connotations.

¡¤Fragrant Princess Tombhttp://www.xiangfeimu.com/

In Aizirete Village 5km to the northeast of Kashgar, there is a cemetery famous to both home and abroad--Fragrant Princess Tomb. It is the tomb of Islamic "Huojia"(namely the descendant of saint) with largest scale and influence in Xinjiang now. It is built in 1640, and its owner is the king of Kashgar "Huojia regime", leader of Aq Tagh and his family. According to legend, Qianlong Emperor¡¯s fragrant princess in Qing Dynasty is buried in the tomb, from which is called Fragrant Princess Tomb. The tomb is accessed as national important protected historic site in 1988.

The cemetery covers an area of 72 acres, composed of gate tower, high and low grand mosque, Jiaman mosque, lection hall, main grave, lecture hall, pilgrimage room, holy water pool and orchard. Main grave is the main body of the cemetery and also the biggest dome-style architecture in Xinjiang. The bottom of main grave is 35m long, 29m deep and 27m high, with adobes and gypsums for mansonry. Tomb mounds of different heights and sizes are rowed on the platform of a half people high from ground in main grave and furred with all kinds of colored glaze bricks, huge as male grave and small as female grave. It is said that there are five generations and 72 people of Apake Huojia family.

There is indeed such a person who named Fragrant Princess, whose body has extraordinary fragrance from childhood, thus being called Yi Paer Khan (fragrant girl). And she is great-grandniece. She was elected into harem in Feb. 1760 and won much favor from Qianlong Emperor, dying at the age of 55 in Beijing in 1788. Legend says that after Fragrant Princess dies, in accordance with her wishes, Qianlong Emperor send 124 people taking her remains back to Kashgar through three and half years and burying in the tomb. The legend of Fragrant Princess expresses all peoples¡¯ good wishes for unity and mutual love down ages, just as West Germany Spiegel Magazine said that the love between emperor and the Uyghur girl is the proof to the great unity of all the Chinese ethnic groups.

¡¤Kashgar Zhongkun Squarehttp://www.yawagh.com/    £¨Uighur websitehttp://www.yawagh.com.cn/£©

Locating along Tuman River in Kashgar, Kashgar Zhongkun Square is a new city business and resort center invested by Zhongkun Tourism Group, developed by Kashgar Zhongkun Estate Development Co., Ltd and built by Beijing Dalong Construction Co., Ltd. The park covers an area of 88879 square meters, total construction area of 98000 square meters, greening rate of 26.8%, and plot ration of 1.09%.

Landmark building of 160m high--sightseeing tower, magnificent Kashgar Geer Theater and business constructions of 5 regions classified, which forms a large-scale and great land occupying business and resort center combining business, resort, leisure, recreation and tour into one.

As the only landmark building with clear positioning, high-end quality and complete support equipments, the advantage of the park is beyond comparison.

Based on quality guarantee, corresponding novel marketing, managing and service concepts are further making and the park will be a new landmark of Kashgar business and resort estate.

¡¤Kashgar Golf Course

Kashgar Zhongkun International Golf Course lies in the west of Shangyalang reservior, Kokand Towership, Kashgar, Pamir Mountains. It is 8km to Kashgar center, distant from urban pollution and close to great nature. The environment is the course has elegant and beautiful scenery, tall and buzzed forest, green and rippling artificial lake, layers of layers green hills and blossoms of flowers scattering in the green land and spreading charming local flavor of great nature. Closely adjoining to G315 national road, it only needs 10 minutes to airport. The course is invested and built by Zhongkun Tourism Group in 2006, with total area of nearly 600000 square meters, and an international standard course of 18 holes and 72 poles. The total length exceeds 6700 yards, and it is designed with natural first concept, with respecting and combining the land¡¯s original terrain and landscape and vegetation and fully making use of natural resources, mixing course and nature into one.

There are specific golf coaches guiding in driving range, and 20 open-type standard driving stations. New golf club is of novel, elegant and convenient decorations and equipped with driving equipments at the same time. Xinjiang Kashgar Zhongkun International Golf Club warmly welcomes your visit.

¡¤Kashgar Shangyalang International Tourist Resort

Located at two sides of Shangyalang reservoir of Awati Town, Shufu County, Kashgar, Kashgar Shangyalang International Tourist Resort is just 15 minutes drive from Kashgar urban, the entire project including the Kashi Zhongkun international Hotel and Conference Center, the headquarters base, hotelapartments, high-end and high-end vacation clubs, large outdoor sports Park (Golf Course), with a total area of about 2700 acres, total construction scale of nearly one million square meters.

¡¤Kashgar Zhongkun International Hotel

The project, located at east side of Shangyalang Reservoir, has a total gross floor area of about 36,000 square meters, and supported with a large conference centers and other projects, to provide rooms, dining, entertainment, leisure, vacation, meeting, business travel that must be equipped with a full range of tourists.

¡¤Aksu Zhongkun International Tourist Resort

The Aksu Zhongkun International Tourist Resort, located in the southeastern part of the Aksu, has a total land area of about 100 acres, with a total construction area of about 23,686 square meters. The major ancillary projects include five-star hotel and ancillary facilities, youth hostels, RV camp etc.

¡¤Kuqa Qiuci Zhongkun International Tourist Resort

The Kuqa Qiuci Zhongkun International Tourist Resort, located in the southeast of Kuqa of Aksu, has a total land area of about 260 acres, one of the project covers an area of about 170 acres, with a total construction area of about 51,754 square meters, the main supporting projects include five-star hotel, ancillary facilities, youth hostels RV camps etc, the second phase of the project will mainly focus on the supporting enterprise manor clubs.

¡¤Zhongkun Post Series (Ka Lake, Grand Canyon, Shenmu Garden)

Zhongkun Post Series has an average building area of about 4,000 square meters, mainly for providing accommodation, catering, entertainment and other functions and distributed in various scenic spots. Currently, the project steps into later stage of plastering and decoration.

Kuqa Zhongkun Grand Canyon Post is in a framework structure including three floors, where the first floor is food service and tourist reception center, and the second and the third floors are rooms and meeting rooms; it has a capacity of accommodating 126 visitors, and possesses 40 rooms in total.