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Beijing Section

On Beijing section aspect, Zhongkun building has been put into full operation, and Big Bell Temple Zhongkun Square are in rest and reorganization period with gradually bettering operation state. The super business mothership being planned by Zhongkun Group---Daxing Zhongkun Square has entered into project auditing and approving period. Due to advantaged geographical position, giant commercial stores of Beijing section are becoming business platforms with gradually collecting people, materials, knowledge and capitals and also a business advantage to breed the development of Zhongkun Group.

°§Dazhongsi Zhongkun Plaza:http://www.dzsplaza.com/

Dazhongsi Zhongkun Plaza is situated at South of Lianxiang Bridge, BeiSanhuan West Road, Haidian District, Beijing, abutting Dazhongsi Station of Subway Line 13. Dazhongsi Zhongkun Plaza is the largest comprehensive commercial real estate project within the third ring of Beijing with a total construction area of about 430,000 square meters.

Currently, due to the transition and adjustment of Dazhongsi Zhongkun Plaza, some existing stores will be closed during the period of adjustment. We feel very sorry for the inconvenience caused by this. However, some stores will still stay open, including: Carrefour, Gome, Xinhua International Cinema, Ouluohui International, Agriculture Bank of China and some other famous brands.

°§Zhongkun Building:

Zhongkun Building lies near Xizhimen, Haidian District of Beijing, being on Xizhimen transportation hub with convenient transport of urban trains, sub railways. It is surrounded by a long river and has advantaged natural environment. Zhongkun Building has total construction area of nearly 70000 square meters, solid quality of 100 years, high-quality materials and facilities showing extraordinary and magnificent demeanor; powerful network communication system and advanced communication means are introduced, which ensures to keep little distance with world with high technology.

°§Daxing Zhongkun Plaza:

Daxing Zhongkun Plaza, located in Panggezhuang Town, Daxing District, South City, Beijing, is 23km away from city center.

The project, on the basis of high-end supporting service of the 2nd Airport, driven by international fashion resort industry, high-lightened by culture and sports leisure and featured by high-grade leisure industry, is to build an international high-end commercial leisure zone belonging to world°Įs city.

°§Changhe Bay:

As a noble residential area, "Changhe Bay" locates in core zone of Beijing, with a total building area of more than 30 million square meters, adjacent to Xizhimen modern transportation hub on the east, close to beautiful and quiet Nanchang River on the south and decorated by surrounding colorful natural landscapes and humanities places.

°§Urban Netscape:

Urban Netscape, located in No.123, East Road, Zhongguan Village, Haidian District, Beijing, is convenient in transportation and advantaged in location. The resident was completed in June, 2000, covering an area of 13,000 square meters, with a total construction area of 90,000 square meters.

°§Jiaotong University Jiayuan:

Launched in 2001, Jiaotong University Jiayuan is located on Gaoliang Bridge Xie Street, Haidian District, Beijing. After being modified, the resident origins in Xizhimen, and takes rapid Qinghua Road and Xueyuan Road as coordinates, stretching to various places. The resident has a total construction area of 200,000 square meters, and is located in the upscale residential area.