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Tongcheng Section

Founded in January, 2009, Anhui Tongcheng Zhongkun Tourism & Holiday Co., Ltd is subordinate to Beijing Zhongkun Investment Group, mainly in charge of development and operation of Anhui Tongcheng Kongcheng Old Street Tourism & Holiday Region.

Kongcheng Old Street is located in Kongcheng Town with over 1800 history which is a famous historical and cultural town in Anhui Province. From Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty to Republican period, Kongcheng Old Street is an important waterway port with merchandise trade radiating Jiangxi, Hubei, Jiangsu and other Provinces in Yangtze River basin.

Kongcheng Old Street lasts 2.2 kilometers in total, divided into ten stops. The whole street looks like S with north-and-south trend, consisting of one main street and one bystreet. The width of the street is about 4 meters. Besides, there are seven alleys and thirteen lanes. Street, alley and lane are all paved with long rocks.

At present, there are 118 ancient architectures and 300 frontage shops in Kongcheng Old Street, which basically keep features that Anhui-style architecture extend toward the north of the river in the end of Qing Dynasty and beginning of Republican Period. It is surrounded by beautiful waters and mountains as picturesque scenery. Among ancient Eight Scenes in Tongcheng, there are three scenes in Kongcheng Old Street: Evening Snow in Kongcheng, Returning Sail in Huopu River, Morning Sunshine in Tongzi. Kongcheng Old Street is the one that have been kept completely with the largest area in the northern region of the river.

Kongcheng Old Street Tourism & Holiday Resort gives full play to its advantage in natural environment, cultural resource and location, taking ten-stop old street as its core and peripheral riverway as auxiliary. By means of settlement and repair, construction of relevant supporting facilities for tourism and holiday such as ancient town leisure & holiday region, waterfront leisure & holiday resort, business meeting region, sightseeing & visiting region and integrated service region in the entrance, Kongcheng Old Street becomes a resort combing sightseeing, entertainment, leisure, holiday, experiencing and housing.