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Mentougou Section

Mentougou Tourism in the west of Beijing is created by Zhongkun Group, and was selected as importantly-developed demonstration plot of tourism destination of village tourism and ditch-gorge tourism. Religious cultural vacation, business training vacation, sport and leisure vacation and ancient village tourism and other kinds of tourism are provided for high-end tourist, creating a ancient village tourism brand of unique tourism culture feature.

The hotel of ancient construction style in Ming and Qing Dynasty---Zhaitang Zhongkun Villa will be created as the tourist center of Zhongkun Mentougou tourism, with 109 national road, 109 multiline, Cuanbai line and Pearl Lake as the border of tourism route, connecting surrounding Yangjiayu, Lingyuesi, Liujiayu, Cuanbai Six Villages and other ancient village tourism spots, which has traditional sightseeing-tourism transformed into deep-level experiencing-tourism.

¡¤Zhaitang Zhongkun Villa

Zhaitang Zhongkun Villa lies in Zhaitang Town, Mentougou District of Beijing, adjunct to 109 national Road, 74 km to Beijing. It occupies the gateway position of west Mentougou tourism. The whole project covers an area of 470 acres, including four-star vacation hotel, wild and ecological park, tourist center of Mentougou west tourism, touring car camp, travel by driving camp, outward training camp, outdoor sports base, Zhongkun poets¡¯ family and other new-concept tourist facilities and projects.

Zhaitang Zhongkun Villa is a large-scale tourism, sightseeing, and meeting service center delicately created with four-star standard, which combines vacation, leisure, recreation and meeting and other integrated functions into one. The Resort is designed in antique-style constructions of Ming and Qing Dynasty, lying in Zhaitang Town, Mentougou District of the west of Beijing with beautiful scenery and combining nature and humanistic landscape into one.

The layout Zhaitang Zhongkun Villa adopts the method of adjusting measures to local conditions and extending along the slope and refers to the construction style of constructing along hillside and settling along water of ancient constructions of Ming and Qing Dynasty, which mixes traditional, regional and modern style into one full of neoclassic construction style.

Zhaitang Zhongkun Villa will become a tourist center towards Pearl Lake, Ling Mountain, Baihua Mountain, Cuandixia, Yangjiayu and many other famous spots of Mentougou. A network centered on Zhaitang Zhongkun Villa as base and radiated towards various important scenic spots and resorts of Mentougou will be formed. And a high-end tourism and leisure resort, ecological business base and outdoor sports region with humanistic ecology as background will be formed in the west of Beijing.

Zhongkun poets¡¯ family----- Zhaitang Zhongkun Villa locates in Zhaitang Town, Mentougou District, a landmark project of updated Mentougou tourism quality created by Zhongkun Group. The Resort is positioned as an integrated and special leisure and vacation hotel which combines restaurant, recreation, leisure, meeting and vacation and many functions into one, internally setting guest rooms, teahouses, theaters and other facilities.

¡¤Pearl Lake--Scenery scroll in the west of Beijing, landscape upstream of Beijing

Pearl Lake lies in Pearl Lake Station (55km) or Zhuwo Station, and Yanhecheng Station along Fengsha Railway, between Xiangyangkou Village and Zhuwo Village in the west of Mentougou of west Beijing.

Pearl Lake lies in the middle of gorges of Guanting Reservoir of Yongding River, in long and narrow shape and of 9.5km long, which is typical of high gorge and flat lake scenic spot. Seen from sky, it is like a pearl embedded in Taihang mountains, bright and shining, which is called Little Three Gorges in North China and Little Li River, combining advantages of many famous landscape, both with the grand of Tai Mountain and risk of Hua Mountain, and even the tranquility of Yandang Mountain also included. Rippling lake, overlapping peaks, mountains surrounding and water girdling, the beautiful scenery of mountains and lakes comprises a collection of grand mountains and green water in various place.

Upward along the lake, you will have a view of the elegant demeanor of Zhuwo Reservoir, peacocks in Kaiping mountain, island in prunus village, double-willow island in lake center, three-fairy cave, lakeside station at 55km, 24 caves of Mingtielong, the first bridge in Asia, Shifang Bay, camping island and other scenic spots, as well as caves and temples "gaibuyan", frontier ancient city "Yanhe City", ancient Great Wall site of Huangcaoliang "Seven buildings", fairy cave, Longmen trip of sky, ancient site of Baishan Temple, bridgeheads of Japanese army during anti-Japanese war and many other scenic spots. While viewing beautiful scenery of mountains and lakes, people can also row a boat, do fishing and enjoy vacation.

The beautiful Pearl Lake has different sceneries in four seasons: in spring, flowers blossom and river valley is full of fragrance, snow melts and waterfalls runs down with supreme vigor and majesty; in summer, trees making a pleasant shade, lake rippling, it is really ideal for leisure vacation and summer holidays; in autumn, countless rich fruits, waves running and looking resplendent and magnificent under sunset shining, especially red leaves of unique appeal seen from Pearl Lake; in winter, miles and miles of ice and snow gleaming white forms a magnificent northern scenery.

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¡¤Cuandixia Village

Cuandixia Village locates in Zhaitang Town of Mentougou District, its construction are mainly quadrangle courtyards of Qing Dynasty, also combining courtyard style of Ming Dynasty. The whole village sit north and face south, building along mountain, with discrete layout and well-proportioned, which is a magical cattle-style ancient folk constructions of north China with hundreds of histories, called Potala Palace in the west of Beijing. It is accessed as national famous village of history and culture in 2004.

¡¤Yangjiayu Ancient Village Resort

Yangjiayu Ancient Village Resort relies on historical and cultural resources of Yangjiayu Village, to build the leisure resort area of the ancient village, carries out theme tour featured by traditional life experience, to form an ancient village resort system. Completely developing the characteristics of the Yangjiayu partial secluded, quiet mountain history and culture of the Middle Kingdom, vigorously develop tourism and vacation featuring the beautiful seek quiet mountain historic building features folk hospitality industry. The project covers a total area of 40,000 square meters, the size of the total gross floor area of about 20,000 square meters.

¡¤Lingyue Temple Meditation Cultural Resort

Lingyue Temple Meditation Cultural Resort, taking a millennium temple, namely Lingyue Temple, as its core attractive force, develops surrounding resources in various phases including Xu Village, Liu Village, Northeast Village, Northwest Village, Song Village, and other ancient villages, to form a high-end meditation cultural resort.

¡¤Lingshui Juren Village

Lingshui Village is back to independent Lianhua Mountain and faces to Qingshui River, including ancient well, ancient grind, ancient houses, temples, trade names and parasitic tree, recognized as the city with splendid resources, heavenly treasures, outstanding people and smart land. Especially famous for the advocating of modestly decline and benevolent virtue by the prefect of LIU Maoheng, and LIU Zengguang, hence it was named the Jingxi juren village. The thousand-year cypress ¡°hold elm, hold Bo Sang¡± is exclusive in Kyoto; ancient ginkgo" monoecious "only exists here. Quinary "quadrangle courtyard" is rare in mountain area; Lingquan Temple was built in Han Dynasty with a long history. Grind thirty-six, gentleman are indisputable; seventy-two wells, drink and never forget the source. Kuixing Tower, Wenchang Pavilion, Wenxing is high; many singer stars and famous doctors come from here, the amount of teachers like a flow. Confucianism traders are all over Beijing and Tianjin, there are eight famous firms; great respect for teachers and value education very much, which has been inherited from generation to generation.