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Yanqing Section

·Beijing Zhongkunkangxi grassland

Beijing Zhongkunkangxi grassland, located in Yanqing county, Kang Zhuang town, Beijing city, only 70km away from Beijing downtown and 10km from the world-famous Badaling Great Wall, which is the largest, and the only truly original ecology prairie in Beijing suburban. It is a prairie tourism scenic area built in the eighties by Beijing city, in nineties, and is awarded as one of the new sixteen scenic area of Beijing.

The north of Kangxi grassland is Haituo Mountain, west of Guanting reservoir makes it with special scenic of hill, water, forest, wetland. More than 13.000 acres of grassland is along the Guanting Lake, the east coast turns extending, flat and scenic. Kangxi grassland has a lot of plant and animal species, with gulls, ducks, geese, cranes and other rare birds nearly 20 kinds, hares, foxes, voles and other animal more than 10 kinds, sometimes there is a beautiful swan over grassland. Along the grassland and lakes, it has alfalfa, wild chrysanthemum etc. more than 50 species of plants. The green fields, running horse, white Mongolia pack and skylarked flocks and herds constitute the Mongolia charm of unique charm of Kangxi grassland.

Kangxi grassland natural scenic area is adjacent to Guanting reservoir, the vast grassland have vast waters that is only unique resources at home and abroad. Large land, good grass, near and hydrophilic water is Kangxi grassland’s characteristic, that become a tourist spot. In here, visitors can appreciate the beautiful vegetation where horse in the vast grassland and overlook the glittering landscape.

The location of Kangxi grassland is at a higher elevation, which summer climate is wet and cool, makes it become the ideal summer resort. In summer, there is green grass, blooming flowers, singing birds, skylarked flocks and herds and galloping horse. In hot summer, you came to Yanqing known as the capital of summer, and came to the breezy Kangxi grassland to take Lele car known as a" prairie boat", it is really comfortable with lightheartedly playing in the vast grassland.

Kangxi Grassland has standard race course, where you can ride in grassland. On the vast natural grasslands, you can ride a bared horse to tour, and go carriage riding. Kangxi Grassland is the heaven for equestrian enthusiasts, and a wonderful site to implement riding activities, where 2012 Chinese shepherd athletics barrel tour, that’s, FEI International Equestrian Endurance Open Tournament was held. Kangxi Grassland has professional stables, where there are stands to watch equestrian performance, riding track for beginner to ride, tens of thousands of acres of grasslands for equestrian enthusiasts to ride. There is a professional post-horse association in Kangxi Grassland, where more than one hundred good horses are stocked for visitors to choose and ride. In the long stables, different colors and different types of fine horses are tidily arranged, including local horse, Mongolian horse, Kaba Kim Ma, Soviet high blood horse, Zhangbei Ma, Sanhe horse, pony, and half bred horse. Some of horses are strong-willed and abrasive, and some of horses have gentle temperament, pleased to be close with visitors. In Kangxi Grassland, first-rate horseman can spur on the flying horse to experience run like mad; beginner can thread slowly in the lead of professional horse jockey, and enjoy the pleasure of looking round on the horse. Even little children can also find their own saddle horse.

Riding in Kangxi Grassland, except for vast grassland, good horse and professional technician, the safety is also secured. Except for various safety precautions, Kangxi Grassland insures visitors against personal accident insurance, e.g. if a safety incident occurs on riding activities, insurance clause with complete guarantee can help you lift worries.

While riding and enjoying scenery, you can go to dining room in race course to taste roast whole lamb, which has grassland characteristics and unique flavor. If you are interested, you can choose a fat sheep in person, butcher on site, and visit the entire process of roasting.

To abide by the strategy of ecological civilization, Zhongkun Group’s development of tourism persistently insists on development and protection, and development complies with protection policy. Except for speeding up water quality improvement and vegetation restoration in reservoir area of Kangxi Grassland, it will launch the establishment of tourist facilities in the next year. It has already invited Halcrow Group Limited, a world-class planning company, to plan and design Kangxi Grassland development project. According to the plan, it will build wine shop, club, recreational facility, fitness facility and catering in the south gate of grassland, set up equestrian club, and carry out equestrian performance and equestrian competition. After completing the project, Kangxi Grassland will become tourist attraction, integrated with enjoying scenery, equestrian, entertainment, fitness, leisure and shopping.


·Beijing Zhongkun Luoying Chateau

Beijing Zhongkun Luoying Chateau is located in the south part of Gulong Road, Zhangshanying Town which is 20 kilometers from Yanqing County. It borders on Glory Century Golf Course in the east and faces 110 National Road in the south. Its northwest is the main entrance to Guyaju Scenic Area. With typical continental climate which is presented as: four distinct seasons, drought, little rainwater, intense sunlight and big day-and-night temperature difference, this place is an ideal zone for planting grape and making wine.

Zhongkun Luoying Chateau is an international high-end holiday manor, occupying over 2400 acres. The project in first phase is about to being constructed. It occupies 96000 square meters, including holiday hotel, enterprise chamber, win museum, art gallery, music hall, storage cellar and so on. The whole design adopts block planning, and fully uses high-low difference of terrain, enabling architecture to integrate with natural environment. As for function, it is equipped with high-end suite, catering, conference, entertainment & leisure, hot spring & SPA, indoor swimming pool, private cellar and etc.

Five-star-level luxury hotel and boutique enterprise chamber are designed by Australia DCM Designer Office with aim at international customers. The hotel is provided with world-class wine-making production line and modern cellar. Distinguished customers are welcomed to view and emulate the whole course concerning wine making and cellaring, feeling extensiveness and profoundness of wine culture.

Tens of chambers stand in the vineyard. They boast over 20-Mu vineyard and independent private cellar respectively, which is beneficial for forging fine-new enterprise manor. As high-end chamber base, this project fronts water and with hills on the back, which enable people to enjoy hot spring in house. It is a good choice for enterprise to set its second headquarters there.

Relaying on grape-themed park and wine culture museum, the hotel will regularly hold win culture saloon, various wine-themed chairs, wine-tasting and poetry appreciation and other activities. Combing Chinese and Western wine culture, taking win history as its main content, gathering extremely-excellent wine around the world for visitor to sightsee and taste will be the unique and characteristic wine project of the chateau.

Luoying Chateau plans to plant almost 2000 Mu of grapes. And as for the main varieties it plans to choose, there are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Selah, Marselan, Chardonnay, Italian Riesling, which are all planted by adopting organic production restriction. This lays a solid quality base for production of top-grade wine.

After construction, Zhongkun Luoying Chateau will combines tourism, agriculture (grape planting) and industry (wine-making) and provide one package service including grape planting, chamber management, wine making, wine collecting and sales on the basis of grape planting and wine making. At the same time, the chateau will develop leisure & holiday industry featuring membership.

Zhongkun Luoying Chateau takes wine culture as entrance point and accords with functional orientation of Yanqing Ecological Zone, hammer at forging special holiday resort, exerting cluster effect of high-end enterprises, creating new leisure and social intercourse space for elite people and initiating new lifestyle for entrepreneurs in the 21st century.