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America Section

ZHONGKUN GROUP INC is an American subsidiary of Beijing Zhongkun Investment Group, and its head office is in Los Angeles, California, America.

The main business of ZHONGKUN GROUP INC is tourism resort and business development. Its tourism resort business is promoted and introduced into American mainstream society as Zhongkun Travel, which is an officially registered professional tourism resort operation and market development company in American government (tourism operation license number CST#: 2092298-40). Now, Zhongkun Travel engages in promoting various tourism places developed by Zhongkun Group in China towards American high-end clients market, and promote more than 10 tourism routes full of Zhongkun characteristics in American market. At the same time, ZHONGKUN GROUP INC is actively contacting with American leading vacation company, pursing cooperation opportunities and developing global business of Zhongkun Resort.

ZHONGKUN GROUP INC now have two large-scale estates in America, one is the business estate in suburb of Los Angles which is prepared to be developed into business center; the other is private tourism and resort pasture along Kentucky Lake, near Nashiville of American Tennessee the country music capital. The pasture occupies 1200 acres and is designed to be Zhongkun resort place. ZHONGKUN GROUP INC Also owns a private skiing & resort villa in American famous skiing and resort place, which is applicable to high-end clients.

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