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Yueyang Section

Zhangguying Village belongs to Zhangguying Town in Yueyang County, and locates 73 km to the southeast of Yueyang, surrounded by green mountains and beautiful scenery. From early Ming Dynasty, Zhangguying settled in the place, multiplied descendants and gathered living here for more than 600-hundred years, which is a large-scale and well-preserved ancient village of one family name gathering together. Its unique conjoined construction style is peculiar, which is called "folk palace".

The ancient architecture group of Zhangguying Village started from Ming Dynasty £¨1573-1620£©and formed in Qing Dynasty £¨1796-1821). The architecture characteristic of big house are strong and intriguing, plan layout in "·á" character, ingeniously exploiting lateral terrain, with south-north depth and east-west trend. The whole construction area is about 51000 square meters, and there are 1732 houses and halls and 206 wells. Eaves gallery in constructions connect with each other, diverse pavilions, delicate layout and exquisite design, especially unique features of vitalization, lighting, drainage, fire-protection designs. Wood and stone carving of architecture group is in simple strokes, clear lines and vivid images, well preserved through hundreds-of-year weather bitten, which is called living fossil of Xiang and Chu houses in Ming and Qing Dynasty by architects.

Zhangguying Village was recognized as a ¡°national key cultural relics protection unit¡± by the State Council on June 25th, 2001, ¡°One of the first Chinese famous historical and cultural village¡± by the Ministry of Construction and the State Administration of Cultural Heritage in 2003 and passed the acceptance inspection of national 4A tourist attraction on December 20th, 2012.

Zhangguying Village was awarded as ¡°National AAAA-Level Tourist Attraction¡± by China National Tourist Attraction Quality Evaluation Committee.