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South Xinjiang Section

From Sep.2003, Zhongkun Group was invited to invest on Xinjiang tourism by many places in Xinjiang. In addition to tourism & resort industry with good harvests, business aspect also improves for the better. Kashgar area is now developing Tuman River Resort Center-Business Area.

The business area lies along Tuman River in the south of central Kashgar, next to Kashgar Old City in the west, High-platform folk houses and East Lake in the southeast. Zhongkun plans to make it a new name card, new drawing room and a new image, which is must for sightseeing, leisure, vacation and lodging of travelers from home and abroad.

The project covers an area of about 100000 square meters and has total construction area of nearly 110000 square meters, including sightseeing tower of 160m high, youth hotel, business and leisure, performance theaters, gallery, museum and etc. The main part of business area construction project has been finished, sightseeing project is predicted to be finished in 2012 and business streets will be finished and put into use in the second half of 2012.