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The chairman of Zhongkun Group announced the donation of 30 million RMB to support Chinese poetry enterprise on the occasion of "The ten anniversary celebration ceremony and the New Year party of Zhongkun Group" at the Golden Hall of Beijing Hotel in the evening of 17th December, 2005. In February 2006, Zhongkun Poetry Development Fund was set up, aiming to facilitate the flourish and prosperity of the modern poetry¡¯ creation, research and communication, to promote the development of Chinese poetry enterprise. The Fund of 30 million RMB donated to the institutions such as the Research Institute of Chinese New Poetry in Beijing University directionally with the time limit of 10 years. Zhongkun Investment Group has established the fund supervision and management committee to supervise the management and use of the fund. Meanwhile, the Fund hold the awarding activity of "Zhongkun International Poetry Prize" to chose the international excellent poets and translators.

For several years, Zhongkun Poetry Development Fund has fulfilled its responsibilities and has kept its promise to Chinese poetry field. The institution, such as the Research Institute of Chinese New Poetry in Beijing University, China Poetry Association and the Pamir Research Institute of Culture and Art etc. have carried out effective academic research, discussion and exchange activities under the support of the Fund and also played an active role to the revival of Chinese poetry. The Fund explored the scientific mode of management and operation actively, placing more prominent to internationalization, academic and popularization to make more poets benefit. The establishment of the Research Institute of Chinese New Poetry in Beijing University in September, 2010 marked a new stage to the poetry development enterprise which was promoted by Zhongkun Poetry Development Fund. The Research Institute of Chinese New Poetry in Beijing University and China Poetry Academy, which relied on the academic advantage of multiple disciplines and languages and talent-intensive of Beijing University, carried out comprehensively poetry research, poetry criticism of Chinese and foreign , ancient and modern and the writing of poetry history. The aims of these institutions are to organize and disseminate the poetry material, to intervene the creation, promotion and publication of poetry forcefully, to strength the translation and propaganda of excellent foreign poetry effectively, to strength the international exchange of poetry and to promote the prosperity of Chinese poetry enterprise and Chinese culture.

The annual ¡°Pamirs Poetry Tour¡± and ¡°Asian Poetry Festival¡± organizes the poets from different countries to walk, discuss, create and recite the poems, which have been famous brands for international poem communication. ¡°Zhongkun International Poetry Prize¡± is the Biennial Awards, and is currently the highest award amount at home. At the same time, this prize is the folk poetry award with the most extensive influence and facing to the international market, which have been held for 3 sessions. The winners of the first ¡°Zhongkun International Poetry Prize¡± in 2007 are Zhai Yongming, Yves Bonnefoy, Gu Bin, Lv Yuan. The winners of the second session in 2009 are Kitajima, Adonis, Zhao Zhenjiang. The winners of the third session in 2011 are Niu Han, Segawa Juntaro.On November 2013£¬Famous poet-Ya Xuan from Taiwan and famous Polish poet Adam Zagajewski were both awarded the Fourth ¡°Zhongkun International Poetry Award¡±.

Moreover, in April, 2010, Zhongkun Group donated one hundred million to establish "The Cultural Fund between China and Iceland". The aims of this fund were to promote, strengthen and support the cultural communication and cooperation between China and Iceland, especially the cultural cooperation in the field of poetry under the circumstance of the more and more cultural exchange between Asian and the Nordic countries. And thereby increase the understanding of the modern literature and literary heritage knowledge between these two countries. The focus of the Fund will be on the activity organization, and make artists and scholars take part in the cultural activities and introduce their works. The Fund also will initiate and promote the exchange activities between these two countries¡¯ college students. Meanwhile, the fund also will support the cultural activities, translation, publication and the trip of the scholars and artists and even the related administrative expenses, etc. In October 2010, "The First Session of the Asian and Nordic Poetry Action" was held successfully in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland; in October 2011, "The Second Session of the Asian and Nordic Poetry Action" was held at Huangshan in Beijing, China.The III Asia-Nordic Poetry Festival, sponsored by China Iceland Cultural Fund, formally Successfully held on 19th Aug,2013.On November 2013,¡°Dragon in the Valley of Poetry¡ªChina-Colombia International Poetry Exchanges¡± was successfully held in Medellin£¬Colombia.