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Tongcheng Section

The business project of Tongcheng section lies in Kongcheng Town of Tongcheng City, 12km to Tongcheng. It covers an area of about 1384 acres and construction area is planned to be 400000 square meters. The project phase I being carried out nearly covers an area of 208 acres and has total construction area of about 100000 square meters, mainly including old streets-cored protected constructions and courtyard-style resort club.

Through developing "drank, live, dream, imagine" the four leisure vacation products and normal leisure support products based on three development backgrounds, the phase I of Anhui Tongcheng Zhongkun Kongchen Old Streets Tourism Resort Area will create Kongcheng old streets in Tongcheng city as follows:

--Demonstration project of protectively developing cultural heritage
--Typical project of business on Chinese old streets
--Leading project of international leisure and resort industry

Phase II will mainly include high-end resort hotel, hotel-type apartment and high-end enterprise garden, supported with water performance, Tongcheng cultural park, touring car base and other projects at the same time. International top planning and designing company (Halcrow Group) is entrusted to make overall plan. The current conditions of the project are: maintenance works of houses along Kongcheng old streets has been basically finished and house proprietary certificate has also been managed; engineering in renovation region is in intense and orderly work; approval work of Phase II project has been finished; scenic spot construction, attracting investment, marketing and self-marketing stores work are developed now.