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Chairman Huang Nubo says goodbye to Argentina

   In Nov. 29, 2013, Chairman Huang Nubo arrived in Argentina¡±s capital¡ªBuenos Aires and began the research trips for Argentine world cultural heritage, which was also the last station in South America for "The Faces of Humanity Initiative¡±.
   Chairman Huang Nubo has gone to Society of Jesus block and manor in the Cordoba, Quebrada de Humahuaca and Cave of the Hands of Pinturas River successively. Herein, the unique landform and vegetation in the Quebrada de Humahuaca, in addition to rich cultural legacies make Chairman Huang felt everything here is magical. During this period, Chairman Huang also went to an earthy town to explore old and mysterious Inca history and feel the grief left in the land of Latin America in modern history.

   Except for visiting cultural heritage, Chairman Huang also spoke with local veteran, the director of Antarctic station, chair of the Society of Authors and driver guide and looked into the history and culture of Argentina.
    On Dec. 4, Chairman Huang Nubo lamented at the time of parting, ¡°Argentina, please don¡¯t forget me¡±.
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