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Chairman Huang Nubo, The first member with Chinese nationality in the German ASIL Club

   The German ASIL Club exclusively announced on 15 January 2014 that as the chairman, poet, mountaineer and philanthropist, Chairman Huang Nubo officially became the first member with Chinese nationality in such club. Chairman Huang has accepted this invitation with appreciation and will contribute his intelligence and creation to the next version of ASIL ARABIANS, which will also include Chinese version other than English, Arabic and German version. What a fantastic and remarkable significance as the time is right at the Chinese traditional spring festival (year of horse). In August 2014, Huang will attend the international ASIL cup activity as honorary guest.
   Established in 1974, ASIL Club was eventually registered as official association in the Hildesheim court in 1990. It is a global alliance aiming at protecting and feeding ASIL Arabian horse. ASIL Club has always dedicated to maintaining or creating positive relations with Arab countries, diplomatic representative of each country and Arab alliance. The current president and vice president are W. Georg Olms and Georg Thierer accordingly.