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Chairman Huang Nubo Held Talks with Former U.S. Finance Minister

   On April 7, 2014, Chairman Huang Nubo held in-depth talks with Henry Paulson, former U.S. finance minister and president of Paulson Institute, in Beijing on expanding the way of urban sustainable development, exploring new energy for eco-environment protection, studying cases and other aspects.   
   Mr. Paulson expressed gratitude to Chairman Huang for his serving as a member of ¡°Future City Award¡± review committee of Paulson Institute and supporting the award ceremony of ¡°Sustainable Development Planning Project Award¡±, and also gave high praise on ¡°21st Century Faces of Humanity Initiative¡± being conducted by Chairman Huang. Chairman Huang shared his experiences of walking in France and exchanged views on cultural heritage protection with Mr. Paulson. Talking about that stone pillars of the Old Summer Palace returned home under the promotion of Zhongkun"s donation to Norway KODE museum, Mr. Paulson believed that Chairman Huang had created a new model for return of culture relics. Meanwhile, Mr. Paulson showed great interests in Yunnan Puer Healthcare and Holiday Tribe project, discussed protective research of Puer¡¯s biological diversity and other topics with Chairman Huang, and expressed his willingness to go to Puer for investigation the next spring.
   As one of the members of ¡°Future City Award¡± review committee, Chairman Huang said that he was glad to participate in the work of this committee and also very thankful for Paulson Institute to provide a platform, which supplies for people experiences and exploration on cultural heritage protection and urban sustainable development.