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All Parties Tried Their Best; Main Structure of Zhongkun Plaza Completed Smoothly

On Feb. 8th, 2007, the ceremony of main structure completion was held at the top of Zhongkun Plaza. Jiao Qing, President of Zhongkun Group, Yuan Dejin, Vice Chairman of Zhongkun Group, Ding Jianguo, Chairman of Dalong Construction Co., Ltd. as well as Chen Jianming, General Manager of No.2 Engineering Company of Dalong Construction Co., Ltd. attended the ceremony.

At 11:08 a. m., with the hosts word and the ear-spitting firecrackers, concrete ran continuously from the material mouth, which was decorated with a piece of red cloth, and began the concrete placing of the top ceiling of the 18th floor. This marked the main structure completion of Zhongkun Plaza.

Zhongkun Plaza is an office building with 5A intelligent system. It has 3 floors underground and 18 floors above. Built with frame-shear wall structure, the building has a construction area of 600,000 square meters and is 82.8 meters high. In terms of spatial design, the outside vertical surface, the 13.5 meter-high ancient Roman column, the arc on the southern vertical surface as well as the rugged style together constitute the vigor of ancient Roman architecture and the simple, lively and scattered fashion of the lines, pieces and surfaces of modern architecture. With the use of glass curtain and titanium alloy outside, the honorable and splendid quality of the building is demonstrated. In terms of structural layout, the whole building is made up of a high and solid earthquake resistant structure with one core tube and three stair pit shafts. The design of the building fully demonstrates the practicability and modern aesthetic perception of architecture.