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Golden Sorghum Food Street Showed Face at Spring Housing Exhibition and Became An-Eye Catcher of Investors and the Media

On April 5th, Golden Sorghum Food Street formally staged at Beijing Spring Housing Exhibition which was held at the International Trade Center. On the first day of the exhibition, Golden Sorghum Food Street stood out from many business projects and attracted much attention from the exhibitors and the media.

Golden Sorghum Food Street is made up of the ground floor stores of Zhongkun Plaza and Changhewan Village, the representative project of Zhongkun Group. Almost 1,000 meters long, it is a specialty food street in northwestern Beijing with the largest dimension after aggregate planning and development.

With its incomparable advantages in terms of geographic position and consumption group, Golden Sorghum Food Street attracted many investors who came to the exhibition. They asked the salespersons for detailed information. Many people said they would like to go the spot to have a better look. The salespersons said the market reaction of Golden Sorghum Food Street was much better than what was expected. This spring housing exhibition ended on Apr. 8th, 2007 and the stage of Golden Sorghum Food Street was well received.