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From weak to strong, from small to big, Zhongkun group has gained a significant position in the industry with differential operation on core resources and core competencies. The theory of successful experience needs to improve and summarize and
the model of innovative management and business needs to explore and verify. Like other well-known companies we also have the bottleneck of management, bottleneck of technique and bottleneck of Talents in development that needs to breack through. Currently, Zhongkun Group is in the transformation period from learning-oriented enterprise to investigative enterprise. And the Establishment of the Research Institute for our Group--it will speed up the transition and have far-reaching significance for the Group.

Always for the purpose of service for the Group and always focus on the needs and goals of the Group. The short-term research is the basic between short-term research and long-term research. And applied research is the major topic between the basic or strategic research and applied research.

The overall objective:
1.According to the strategy of the Group, Zhongkun Research Institute is to fully explore and utilize the high-end intellectual resources of society and effectively used by the Group.

2.To provide the forward-looking theory and technical support for the Group´s operations and future development strategies. To research the intellectual property forming in the topic and released to the public.
3.To enhance the management level of management team in Zhongkun Group.
4.To set up the internal management standards and the relevant industry standards which the Group has involved in .
5.To enhance the innovativeness of the Group and to achieve the Group´s core competitiveness. And to make contributions to the profits?of the Group.
6.To promote the Group´s transformation to creative Enterprise, charitable enterprise and investigative enterprise.
7.To enhance the Group´s brand image and make it become the spiritual leader of the industry.

Operating Modesú║
According to the current situation of the Group,the establishment and operation of the Institute has adopted the manner of bottom-up. It means that the part of basic and core brain of the research institute have to found a research lab in the relevant departments or companies at first. And the research lab originates all kinds of topic on the actual needs basis. If there is a larger issue ,the research lab can set up a discussion group, appoint a Project Leader and build a team,organize the experts to conduct research and propose professional solutions. Then sum up all the research highlight to form on the general research results and release.